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Studying Korean Markers 에 & 도

Mexican Speaking Korean


Language study as we all know is time consuming. But I love studying languages. In between writing and illustrating for my book, Ripping Apart the Spanish Language: Ser & Estar, I still conduct my morning Korean Study. Lately I am studying the several different “markers” that exist in Korean.

Korean Location Markers Also

Courtesy Korean From Zero.

Here’s an example of my notes. For me, and for a lot of language learners, writing it down a few times really helps it “stick” in my brain.

Korean Study_1

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Tackling Korean!

Last week I made the decision to tackle Korean. I had studied it for a bit back in 1999, but gave up after a few months. I had bought a couple of books and some audio cassettes and started to study. At the time it seem super-difficult for me. Korean is so very different from English. The word order. The topic markers, subject markers, direct object markers, counters, not to mention a hugely different culture that I just didn’t understand. Why did I attempt this difficult feat you ask? Well it’s simple. My girlfriend at the time was from South Korea.

She stuck around, even though I gave up on her strange language, and became my wife. Now, 17 years later, I look back at all the years and think, “Man, all those wasted years. I could have been so proficient and Korean a long time ago, especially by now!”

Since then, I’ve studied Italian and Spanish. No we have an Internet full of language learning tools, podcasts, blogs, polyglot conferences, etc. There just is any excuse to learn Korean, because now I have learned how to learn. Now I know the ins and outs of self-study. Time to get busy.

So as I said, I started learning Korean last week. I’m using a book called Korean from Zero, which crazily can be downloaded for free on their website. (You can find it here.) I’m doing my usual study routine of getting up at 4:30 am, getting my coffee, and hitting the books, the audio, and whatever else it takes. I study at least an hour, during which I read, write, learn new vocabulary, write some more. Throughout the day I listen to Korean. That parts easy. My wife is a native Korean speaker. She watches shows like “Running Man” and the news in Korean.

It’s gonna be fun. Shoot, maybe I’ll make some videos showing my progress.

Gracias. ¡Y a por ello!