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“Perfecting the Past in Spanish” (Smith-Durán)

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A while back I purchased the book “Perfecting The Past In Spanish”, written by Gordon and Cynthia Smith-Durán. Why? Well, a little over a year ago I had purchased one of their other books called “Demystifying the Spanish Subjunctive: Feel the Fear and ‘Subjunctive ‘ Anyway!” for which I wrote a review. (The review can be found by clicking here.)

blog-image-300x164 After having such a great experience with the book about the Spanish subjunctive and it’s usages, I figured that their other books were just as good. So, I bought another one of their books – one called “Pocket Por and Para“. Wowzy. What a great book as well. Of course, I just had to write a review of this one too, which can be found by clicking right here.

PPPSo far, I was very satisfied with these books from Gordon and Cynthia. I’ll tell you what! Whether you are a fairly new learner of Spanish, or someone who has studied Spanish for years (like me), these books are great. The explanations are amazingly simple to understand and the example sentences and exercises make it even easier to just “get it” and “make it stick”!

Going through these books and doing EVERY exercise was a tremendously good refresher for me, and would be for anyone else.

So why haven’t I written a review yet for “Perfecting The Past In Spanish”? Simply, it’s because I have been so busy writing my own books that I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I think pretty soon I’ll be taking a little break from writing and write something up. You betcha.

I realize that I am praising the books very highly, but I mean every word that I said, er… wrote. And you will see (and believe) exactly what I mean if you get these books. If you’re serious about Spanish, get them. You won’t regret it.

Please know that I am NOT getting any kick-backs from writing about the Smith-Durán’s books, nor did they ask me to write reviews. I just know and appreciate hard work when I see it. And their work, so far, has been worth my time. That, I can tell you.

Thanks for reading.



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