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“…Orm always afterwards used to say that, after good luck, strength, and skill at arms, nothing was so useful to a man who found himself among foreigners as the ability to learn a language.”
Frans G. Bengtsson, The Long Ships

Using Flash Cards to Drill Those Words In Your Head

I don’t use flash cards all the time, but I have used them occasionally.  I used to use them quite a bit when I was studying Italian, then with Spanish. When I really want to drill certain sentences and vocabulary into my head for good, I always end up returning to the use of flash cards. Why? Because it works for me. It may not work for everybody. Sure, it can get a little monotonous, but if I choose vocabulary that interests me, it’s not bad at all, even fun.

The Hard Way. The Easy Way

08 Anki WebsiteI’ve made my own decks before, but I did it the hard way. While studying, I had my phone or computer nearby with Anki ready so that I could enter a sentence that I wanted to work more on. So what I did was enter the information by hand, one sentence at a time. It worked, but it took forever. The Anki app, available on Windows, Android and iOS can be found at

If your one of the tens and tens of people that ready my blog, you might know that a couple of months ago, I started using Glossika Mass Sentences, specifically, Glossika Korean. The PDF’s have so much useful text. I wanted to put this text into flash card format for a little extra study to help me remember the sentences. I copied the text into a spreadsheet, saved it as a text file, then imported it into Anki. And now I have the flash cards I’ve always wanted! I just created a deck with 50 sentences for now. As I go along, I’ll create more since Glossika Korean boasts about 3000 sentences!

Glossika Korean PDF

Libre Office Calc (Free equivalent of Microsoft Excel)

03 Spreadsheet Libre Calc

Text is then copied into Notepad

04 Saved as Text

Then it’s imported into Anki

05 Create New Deck

Now we have an Anki flash card deck!

06 Anki Ready

07 Anki Ready

Now I’ll work on incorporating audio, which I’ll explain to a future post. 🙂

Many people already know how to make Anki decks very easily using Microsoft Excel or Libre Office Calc. If that’s you, click here if you’re bored. If it’s not you and you would like to watch how to do this, here is a simple YouTube video that makes it really easy:


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4 thoughts on “Making Your Own Flash Cards

  1. Would you mind sharing your Ankideck if possible?


  2. Would you mind sharing your Ankideck if possible?


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