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Great Way to Maintain Your Languages

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Language Enthusiasts Keep Learning

There are many folks out there that love learning languages. One of the questions that I see come up a lot all over language learning sites, blogs and YouTube comments is in regards to maintaining languages that we have learned. If you’re a language enthusiast (or polyglot, linguist, however you’d prefer to put it), then you have run into this, I’m sure.

Maintaining Those Languages We’ve Learned

There are lots of ways to maintain languages that we have previously studied while we are studying another, some of which are speaking with people in the language a couple of times per week, reading in that language, listening to audio in the language, etc.

Read to Maintain

If you enjoy reading to help with your language maintenance as I do, then something cool you can try is the Bible app. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s great. It’s available in over 900 languages, which means you can switch back and forth between different versions to cross reference how things are communicated.

An App That Can Help

This app can be found right here at I’m not advertising this app – and I’m not getting paid for this, even though I could use the cash – but I’ve been using this app for years to read the bible on my phone or tablet (or PC, even). I think it’s worth the mention and may help someone out. It’s available for many platforms, by the way – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Blackberry, Palm, etc.

This app even has the Esperanto version of the Bible. How cool is that? Here are some screenshots of the app on my tablet in several different languages.


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