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Not Everyone Knows English!

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One of the important factors that will lead you to success in a language is motive. For what reason do you want to learn that language? You need to answer this question honestly before you move on to diligent study, because it can determine your success or failure as a language learner. For example: Have you made that trip you always wanted to take to a foreign country and have come to find out that not everyone around you speaks English as you might have thought? By the way if you, the reader, are an native English speaker, you have probably come across the fact that may native English speakers navigate toward the belief that anywhere in the world they may visit, the people there will speak and understand our English language. Sometimes this can be the case, but not always. Let’s say you go to the foreign country of your choice. After a long monotonous flight, you arrive at the airport and get off the plane. You find that the personnel there greet you in English. You order a bite to eat one of the fast-food places at the airport and find that the clerk or waiter speaks decent English too. No problem, right? Then you take a taxi to that peaceful place in the middle of nowhere to relax and start that book you’ve always wanted to write. On the way, you and your taxi driver engage in conversation in your language. The guy speaks pretty good English, by the way. Of course he does. He gets a lot of practice and has become pretty fluent. You go into the nearest town one day to buy some groceries and what not, and find that when you speak to the folks there, they look at you with a blank stare. Why? Because not everyone everywhere speak English as many people tend to believe. So what are to do? Will you wait for those nice people to learn your language? Nope. You’re going to learn theirs, and learn it well!

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