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Today I dusted off my Anki app and created a deck called “GiveMeFluency Advanced Spanish Vocabulary w/ Audio” which can be found here.

As this is a brand-spankin’ new project for me, there are only 32 flash cards as of yet. I recorded the audio myself, so far. You linguists out there that have studied Spanish will be able to tell that I have more of a Latin American Spanish accent. I myself would call my accent a “neutral accent in desperate need of some work”.

This deck is being created to help people reach conversational confidence in Spanish. Needless to say, this project will in turn help me improve my accent and vocabulary as well. If you would like to contribute sentences or audio or even images, please email or leave a comment on this blog,

Update: On 05/30/16, I uploaded the new an improved deck, which can be found here. Please see the updated post as well. Thanks!

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