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Are they any good?

There are lots of sites out there on the ol’ net on which you can find tests to find out your language proficiency. There are some good ones, and not so good ones. But one proficiency test that I really enjoyed taking was that of the Transparent Language website, which is here:

Why take a proficiency test?

I would have to say that the reason I actually liked this particular test was the fact that it started of easy, no, very easy, then progressively became more difficult. The reason I mention this is the fact that some of the other tests I’ve taken are to easy on the test-taker and don’t really present much of a challenge. The thing is, I actually wanted a challenging test so that I can get at least a somewhat accurate account of how I am doing in my journey to know this language well.

The test is in 4 parts. The last part took me a little time to think about, but I didn’t mind that at all. In the end I scored a 97% (advanced learner, as Transparent called it).


Online proficiency tests are good to see where you stand and help you find out what you need to further study. For me it was reading comprehension of advanced writing, so I’ll work on this.

The thing that is missing from these tests is an  ability to test your speaking level. This, of course, is where speaking with native speakers, whether in person or via Skype, come in handy! If you’re speaking with a real human being, he/she can point out your mistakes and help you correct them.

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