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“To Become” in Spanish

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There are a few different ways to express “to become” in Spanish. I don’t claim to be an expert, just so you know. But the following are my notes from today’s study:

Volverse = to turn into (something that is not planned)

  • Se volvió un estúpido. He turned into an idiot.
  • Se volvió una buena persona. She became a good person.

Hacerse = used for something you do on purpose, or to work to become

  • Se hizo enfermera. She became a nurse. (She worked to become a nurse.)
  • Me hice cantante. I became a singer. (I worked to become a singer.)

Convertirse en = to evolve into, to transform into (The en needs to be included.)

  • Se convirtió en una mariposa. It became a butterfly.
  • El niño se hizo un hombre. The boy became a man.

Ponerse =  followed by an adjective and indicates an involuntary physical or emotional change

  • Te pusiste enfermo en Ecuador el año pasado. You got sick in Ecuador last year.
  • El cantante se pone rojo cuando canta. The singer turns red when he sings.

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