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What is Language Fluency?

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Ask anyone you want. Anyone. Everyone will give you a different answer. The word “fluency” is a empty shell of word that is filled by its user. Some will tell you it is knowing every word in your target language. Some will say it’s when you sound like a native. Others will say it is how well you use the vocabulary that you have learned and making yourself understood to a native speaker.

Another opinion is that you are fluent when you can speak with someone else in that language. They understand you. You understand them. You may not know a specific word, but you can use the words that you do know to describe what you mean. Feeling comfortable in that language, whether you make mistakes or not, is very important. And you WILL make mistakes. That’s just how it is. It’s how we learn.

So, set a goal, set out, and achieve your goal to speak!

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